Friday, July 13, 2012

Tidying up!

Just a little bit, a little bit more :)
That explains my attitude to taking on anything - projects, work, food :)

And that is how my crafting space grew from a little folding table in our apartment to a desk in the kitchen in the new house, and then got a cabinet and became the crafting corner.

The cabinet filled up quick, and all horizontal surfaces started overflowing with my "in progress" projects. So I put me up some shelves :)

The left corner of the top shelf is where my camera bag goes, clearly, it is not in its place at the moment.

And a spool stand (I hung it on the rod using shower curtain rings :))
It looks kind of sad and empty right now. But I feel uncomfortably confident that it won't take long to fill up.

And there's no rule to dictate that only IKEA thingies can go onto an IKEA rail. One can very well tie up a blue basket to it using a red ribbon :)

On the shelves are my supplies, patterns and trinkets. The fabric stash and WIP projects are in the cabinet & those drawers under the table. The cutting mat and ruler are by the table, and all markers/cutting tools in those caddies!

My nook is tidy again!

Now all I need to do is hang some lights, and this'll last me for some time before I have to add a lean-to! LOL!

No, seriously.

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