Sunday, July 22, 2012

My precious!!

I've already received my birthday presents for this year :))
Way in advance, I know!
But do I mind?

From her work trip to NY, the sis got me a super-cute JC bracelet with four charms. Each charm came in its own box (I love those cute little boxes with their magnetic closures!!) and I got to put the bracelet together!

And the husband upgraded my sewing machine! Yayy!!

I purchased my first sewing machine soon after we got married, and at that time it felt like such an extravagance handing over that benjamin. And I really did not use it for anything except mending seams for the first year or so.

That changed once my crafting fever caught on, and I became a regular user. (ohmigod that sentence totally sounds like I am talking about contraband! LOL!) My Singer has been very co-operative with the exception of recent arguments I've been having with it over thread tension, and the resulting tedious unpicking of seams, especially while sewing multiple layers.

Encountering loose loops in the middle of a project is annoying. The frequent need to unpick my seams just breaks my tempo and all that time + energy is mis-spent un-doing precious hours' worth of work. So I knew I wanted a new machine, and knew that if I wish to splurge on it, it'd have to be my birthday present :)

Since everything "sewing" is my department, we agreed that I'd find out what I want and point to it. And the husband would provide financing and transportation ;))

So I researched some and researched more. Tried out a couple of machines at a few dealers and at Joann's. Zeroed in on the Husqvarna Viking series and almost pointed to an Emerald 183, when the lady in the store, God bless her, told me about a great promotion they were offering on the 203. The 203 is essentially the 183 plus a dual feed walking foot (~ $100 if you buy it separate), a clear acrylic extension table(another $100 if you buy it separate), 20 more decorative stitches and a cursive font for letters, which you just can NOT buy as add-ons ever!

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... drumroll please.... my precious brand new Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203!!

Lovely, isn't she??

Here's to years and years of creating and decorating and not to forget, mending :)
Hip hip hoorayy!!

And an early Happy Birthday to Me :)

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