Everybody has something they are passionate about. Something that they can do well. Something that’ll make them feel GOOD! For me it has been reading for as long as I can remember, and more recently, sewing and crochet. I have realized that its important to me to ‘create’– anything tangible and usable does it. It's an outlet and it’s a passion. And its cheaper than therapy!

I work full time as a digital forensics/data mining consultant. In my free time I like to make things - crochet, sew and occasionally be the handy man in the house. Being married to the most patient of all human beings surely helps. He puts up with my whims and reminds me to look at the clock once in a while. He accompanies me on my trips to Joann's and listens with a smile on his face while I chat up the Lowe's associate. Oh the ways the Almighty chooses to bless us all :)

In an attempt to journal my creative pursuits, I started with jotting things in a notebook, and then in a power point document, but technology has its limitations and I feel I have more to say than a PPT can handle :)

That is how this blog came into being, I hope you have a good time browsing through it. And if you feel like it, drop me a note, I love reading those :)

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