Thursday, July 26, 2012


We upgraded most light fixtures/fans when we bought our house last year. The contractor we worked with promised to stop by with his truck and haul away the old fixtures as soon as he found some time. Has he shown up yet? No way, Jose! (I thought this was funny coz his name is Jose, but I admit, it is a bad joke!)

Apparently he has been so busy that it has been over an year and all that stuff is still in our garage. Since all the items we took off are still in functioning condition, I did not want to put them out for bulk trash. So I loaded them in my car and took 'em to goodwill. All they chose from a trunk full of goodies was that microwave! And all those lights came back home like a bad penny. Then other pressing tasks came up, and freeing up space in our garage was no longer a priority.

Then about ten days ago I was tidying up, and took a look at the garage (nothing like visiting relatives for an incentive to clean up!!) and decided it was time to say good bye to those light fixtures. 

Googled a bit and found - a website for people like me who have stuff they aren't using!! 

A website where you put up stuff that you have to offer, someone emails you, you meet them at a public place and hand it over to them. Just be careful to not post your address and SSN. Honest, some people do!

Someone's junk is someone else's treasure. A modern internet based twist to that :) 

So far I have offloaded the following -
Two large (and *heavy*) chandeliers that a very nice lady will use to upgrade her lights.
A white gas cooktop - a family with a very inspiring past will get use from this.
Two large (48 x 55 inches) frameless mirrors from the bathrooms - for cheer camp. Beat that!
4 ceiling lamps (white orbs)
4 more ceiling lamps, these were large-ish and saucer shaped.

I am glad that those families will be able to use those items in their homes. And that together, we were able to salvage about 15cu ft of landfill junk :)

Not to mention that my garage looks a lot neater.

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