Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Can you imagine - to IKEA and back within an hour and a half?! Me neither. Needs to be mentioned that both the sister and I fought our urge for coffee and fries and cake! Yeah!

We finally got me the cabinet I was eyeing! I did not have any storage near my sewing table. So the table was messy and my stash of fabric was in my dresser! Got a white Billy book case that was on my list for the longest time - I thought my car was not big enough to it it in and did not want to have it shipped (the cabinet is $80, but the shipping was $99). So on the wish list it stayed.

However, on the MLK Monday I got curious, folded the seats in the car, and measured.
And without skipping a beat made an Ikea run :)

So now my craft corner looks like this -

Compact and neat. I likes!!

Other miscellaneous items that I haven't had the time to document:

1. The plastic bag holder -

2. Awesome cookies that we made for our friends for the new year.
These deserve a post of their own. Sis is making a batch today, yumm!

3. Embellishments for our 'mandir'. Mandir is Hindi for Temple. Most Hindu families have a small (or not so small) nook in their houses. Usually it is in the kitchen, but there is no rule as far as I know. The general direction is east or north east. Ours is in the north-east corner (known as the Ishaan corner, the source of good energy) of our kitchen  -

4. And a cover for my phone. I got the Galaxy II, around the first week of Jan. The T-mobile stores did not have the silicone rubber sleeve that I wanted. The one that they had was bulky, kinda boyish and made my phone look so intimidating. So my phone was without any kind of cover all this time. But now it has a nice cover, lined with fleece inside so its nice and cushy!
The sister picked out the button, innit awesome?!

5. A beanie for this cute gentleman. This is one of the smartest kids I know (and believe you me, I know some smart kids).

My living room blanket is keeping my hands occupied these days. Don't want to pause on that for smaller projects. I did that once and you know how that works :)

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