Monday, January 30, 2012

The throw blanket's coming along!

About two months ago I discovered Ravelry and was simply amazed by how awesome the website is. It is a website for crocheters and knitters (and anything else that you can do with yarn). Its a website where you can ask questions, show off your creations and share patterns. Awesome!

Now I have a queue of projects to make.
A forum to share my projects.
And a huge repository of patterns!

I was in the process of learning how to use the forums/searches etc. when I found that I could search for a particular type of yarn, and see what kind of projects it had been used for! Isn't that amazing?

I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I searched for the "home spun" yarn I was making my throw with, and narrowed the search to "blankets". It took me all of the next fifteen minutes to pick my jaw off the floor. There were SO MANY results! So many patterns! All of a sudden the regular double crochet I'd been using did not seem impressive at all!

I browsed and browsed and browsed, found two patterns that I liked -
One of the two is a cable-pattern. The cable looks sophisticated, formal and would look really nice with a not-so-chunky yarn in a single solid color. Definitely a future project.

The other pattern that absolutely screams home and warmth was the basket weave pattern which looked great in the homespun. I have five skeins of it and I really like the color & feel of it too!

So there was "un-ravelry" at home that day - 2 skeins of work - about 15 rows of 250 stitches came undone. And I began again.

All this to say that I am re-doing my living room blanket. Still the same yarn - Lion Brand Homespun in "Lagoon". But a larger tulip etimo hook (love!) and a basket weave pattern. The bonus - the yarn is acrylic + polyester. So it is machine washable.

This is how far I've come -

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