Saturday, March 10, 2012

Breaking the radio silence :)

The last four weeks have been a blur! Work has been busy - I have been working late almost everyday - its like I go home to sleep!!! We're hoping to shelf this report next week so may be I will take a day or two off then.

In the mean time, J & I completed four years of being Mr & Mrs :)
We managed to squeeze in a great anniversary get away over the long weekend! Its been four fun years. Four years!! Time flies, and how!

Another good news is that the sister's acceptances started coming in, not long before we're going to be packing her off. Good luck my doll, hope all good things come your way. You are simply the awesomest of all :)

Haven't had any crafting time. Like I said, I've been spending so much time in the office!! Three weeks of continuous eight o' clock days have started to take their toll, I am ready for a breather now :)   I have a couple of things in mind - got to make a cover for my sister's digital keyboard (she is good, I love listening to her play 'nothing else matters'), and then probably a lunch bag for me.

Today was nice. Worked out in the morning, groceries in the cold rain, awesome sandwiches for dinner and then watched State of play. Good movie overall (though IMHO the poster boy should have remained such, and not gone bad).

Looking forward to an equally easy Sunday!

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