Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roasting some roots!

Not so long ago I was introduced to an awesome mix of roasted vegetables, and was itching to try them out myself. Kirti told me those were all roots, so I went ahead and tried my hand at it!

Started with baby red potatoes, yams, brocolli and baby carrots -

Chopped them up. Not too small, not too big. Bite sized.
Then thought of adding some green beans, so on the cutting board they go -
Tossed them in olive oil and spread them out in a pan. Single layer of vegetables if possible, two at the most.

Then baked them at 400F for eh.. about 40 minutes (was guided by the sweet smell of toasting yams :))

Once they were done, they were seasoned using -


On other instances I've also mixed in some other veggies, and have loved the results -
  • Brussels sprouts - Halved. I made sure that the cut surface was face down, touching the pan. That way it got a nice sear and a mildly burnt taste that I liked.
  • Beets - cut into thick chips. That way they got a little dehydrated while they baked. But you can cut them up into chunks if you like them juicy. Choices!
  • Asparagus - nothing special there, just learnt that the sulphur would make your pee smell funny ;)
  • Mushrooms - toasted them separately and then mixed them into half of the whole batch, coz the sister and the husband don't find the prospect of eating a fungus appealing! Made you cringe, didn't I!
Well, I've become a regular with these and make them often. I make a big batch so we have enough to last a couple of days. Its a great snack or lunch option (with yogurt) if you are watching what you eat!

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