Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's been keeping me away...

Since the second week of february work has been keeping me so busy that I've been coming home only to sleep! A succession of twelve hour workdays while exhausting is also exhilarating.

Weekends have been busy working. And when not working, cooking for the rest of the week. The sis and I cook, portion and freeze things so we have home cooked food to come back to after a mind numbing day of work. All that mental stimulation means I sleep really well (sometimes I do dream of tables and joins, but thats okay :)).

There is the A&M university event coming up next week (not Texas A&M, but the A&M as in "Alvarez and Marsal" A&M). Flying out on Sunday, coming back on Tuesday.

Tried to make a lunch carrier without thinking it through, and it came out looking like a regular grocery bag! So we now have another grocery bag! :)

Crocheting is the go-to activity these days, I can do it while watching TV with the husband, its easy pause and resume (as compared to the sewing projects that have to be completed before I go to bed!).
Made a few teeny tiny bins - deployed in the bathroom, kitchen island to contain trinkets.

Writing this post was a good break, I need to go back to work now. I know its Sunday but there's stuff to be done and reports to be made :)

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