Thursday, July 12, 2012

Less than a week go to...

...before my in-laws arrive from Australia!
My sister in law along with her 15 month old, and my father in law will be here this time next week.

We've been preparing for their arrival for some time now. You see, most Australian air lines are so stingy with baggage allowances that you can not pack supplies for two months when you travel.

So we've been shopping for the nephew for some time now, you know the whole nine yards - we got a car seat, a mattress protector, toys, nappies, wipes and whatnot! It is no doubt fun, but at the same time a little overwhelming to shop for children. So my SIL and I agreed to shop for his formula, purees, more toys, soaps/lotions etc after they get here. That way I don't end up buying the wrong stuff, and then have to stand in line to return it.

We're almost done with setting up the rooms upstairs for them, and the only thing left downstairs is to move all my plants to the study so the little one does not end up eating dirt :)

I also made a quilt as our first present to him. And I know I'll be making some cutie booties for him when he is here! I made a pair when he was born, using the pattern here and my SIL really liked those.  She tried shopping for those as he grew, but with no luck! So those are on my project list now. And some bibs too!

We'll get to celebrate Rakhi together this year, have fun at our cousin's wedding in August, as well as make a racket on pappa-ji's birthday in September.

We're so excited to welcome them to our home!! 

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