Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I made a quilt!!

Well, sorta!!

I wanted to make a simple gift for my sister in law's son for when they visit in July. Something that can be his for some time to come, so decided on a small blanket. When I walked into Joann's I did not have any specifics in mind except soft & huggable :)

Spent some time browsing the flannel/fleece section and decided on this this print -

The "quilt" look without having to sew pieces together!! (the picture above mutes the colors a little, they are much brighter to look at!)

For the backing, I wanted something equally soft so I picked up a co-ordinating piece of butter-yellow fleece.

Keeping in mind the difference in width (fleece is 60 inches, where as flannel is 42) I purchased a yard of the fleece and two of the flannel.

Pre washed them both because the two fabrics shrink very very very differently. Next I pinned the right sides together (the selvedge of the flannel lined up with the width of the fleece) and sewed the border all the way,  leaving a small opening for turning. Clipped corners and turned. Then top-stitched and quilted the two layers using the straight printed lines as guides. One super-cute blanket!!

As a last personal & personal-izing touch I cut out his name in felt and now the quilt is officially his!!

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