Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Fun!

The Dallas String Quartet were playing at Northpark Saturday night. We did not know that when we walked into the three story mall, alive with sweet child 'o mine. It was beautiful!!

After an early dinner at wich-wich we watched The Avengers - An extremely entertaining feel good movie with a hearty dose of humor. Oh, how we all laughed at times! On the drive back home all we did was recall quips and try to imitate them as best we could.

Sunday was a trip to Ray Robert's lake state park. The drive down to the park in itself was a feast and it only got better as we arrived. Found a nice spot next to the water in spite of all of Dallas being there.

The sun scorched us for a bit but then the clouds came and the wind blew! It was beautiful and we were there :)  There were a few cast away balls -

And a lot of lounging chairs -

A lot of waves -

And a whole lot of fun with this cutie!

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