Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Princess of China

Coldplay recently released the official Princess of China video.

Just like Charlie Brown, I was really looking forward to what they'd do with the song - you know, how they take a song that is totally kickass and make it even better. How they capture the spirit and soul of the song and show it to you in color, sometime even neon ;))!

But just like Charlie Brown, this video let me down. A little bit. Oh the loss!!

I like it when the video has all four of them - like, say, Paradise, Trouble, Viva la Vida, Clocks, too many to list.

But I also love videos like The Scientist and Yellow where the only thing in the frame is the genuine, quintessential Chris - with all his eccentricities and emotion pouring out of his eyes. (Not to mention that gap between his front teeth  :))

The last thing they need is Rihanna with sixteen hands!! Oh the loss!!

This Saturday.
The foursome is playing at the American Airlines Center, and guess who is going :)))

I've had the tickets ever since the tour was announced, but did not want to get prematurely excited and jinx it.  The sister is travelling for work this week, but will be back just in time for the concert.

Yay Coldplay!!!

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