Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coldplay Live!

No words can do justice to the experience, I'll let the pictures do the talking!
One of the two opening acts, Robyn -

Wolfgang was the other band that opened, did not happen to click any pics of them, sorry!
Then there were instructions :)

Every person who entered the arena got handed a xyloband.

Pretty regular wristband till they started blinking - all twenty thousand of them!!
Then there was confetti - and no points for guessing it was butterflies :)

Chris doing his thing, got to love this guy! And the way he says Jonny!! Do you know these two were the first members of the band? And when they started they called themselves Pectoralz!!

And coz one Chris is not enough, here are three of them singing their hearts out!

And what Coldplay concert is complete without sync'd lasers (A bit overexposed, you get to see the lasers nevertheless!)

This is what I meant! 20,000 lit up xylobands!

Charlie Brown.
...glowing in the dark. Get it?!

This is when he told us that Coldplay has the best fans!! Even better than Lady Gaga's :)
(something undecipherable about that smile? Maybe it's just me!)

Them getting in the crowd, playing us against the world and giving people enough time to get some close-up shots!

But alas, all good things must come to an end!!

It was larger than life! And we were there :)

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