Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Crib Decor!

Would you call me a broken record if I ventured to say (yet again) that baby-making is exhausting?! I mean, I've been really good through out my pregnancy and have had a really good handle on mood swings, eating right etc. so I think I should be allowed to complain about how I've been constantly tired these last few weeks :)

Well, I *think* I am done decorating my baby girl's crib - I made a few things to hang here and there. I only have pictures of finished items to share with you, no 'in progress' pictures - I felt just way too disinclined to get off my tired butt and click some.

First up is the crib skirt I put together. We're big on co-sleeping, so we got the basic Gulliver crib from Ikea. You'll see that the short sides sides don't have any room between the base and the sides, so the shorter panels would be ~23.5 inches, not the whole length of the side.

Then instead of tacking on the panels using velcro/etc, I sewed them at the corners.

I like how the skirt hangs, I think I'll make another when time permits, maybe a frilly/floral/girly print.

Next up is this embellishment with flowers & butterflies that I wanted to make the moment I saw it (when you click on the link, you be asked to sign up, the account is free and they do have some good patterns to offer). I found the instructions a little wanting in detail and had a few hiccups making my first butterfly. But I figured it out, and it is simple. For now I've packed it in my hospital bag, I want to use it to decorate the bassinet so it is a little less industrial-looking.

I also made a few "half sheets" which basically are seamed flannel rectangles with ties. When she does start sleeping in the crib, alternately layered waterproof pads and half sheets will make middle-of-the-night changes easy - no wrestling with the mattress to get that elastic on.

The one last thing in progress is a crocheted mobile. I've ordered one of these arms from amazon, should be here in a day or two, and I hope to be able to share that with y'all soon!

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