Friday, May 24, 2013

... to the best frickin daddy ever!

This one is for the hubs.

I've been part of a few pregnancy forums - you know, a group of women that expecting in June. We chat about all sorts of things - symptoms, shopping, nesting, belly pictures and this week about packing our bags. We discuss, we argue, we sympathize, and we rant about others. There is some awesome bonding over the ranting - things you can't complain about to your family ('coz the family is the reason for the rant 9/10 times).

There are rants that involve parents, inlaws, siblings, neighbors and yes, husbands too! that refuse to act their age, and don't acknowledge that the pregnant woman is going through something life changing (its no joke making a baby, I tell you!) and make it all about themselves. It is petty and it is sad. And it makes me feel sorry for the momma-to-be because in addition to all the physical challenges that she is handling, she has to deal with these people around her. And God forbid, if the poor thing ends up saying something, its "the hormones"!! I mean you just can't win! That was my rant on their behalf :)

Usually, I am the silent reader in the rant posts, because (knock on wood) I really don't have anything to complain about! I have a very supporting family, loving in-laws and the best husband in the world.

Especially that husband - its not surprising that he has been so nice, because you know, he is super-awesome on a day-to-day basis. But today as more women than usual came to their computers flustered by their better halves, I'm feeling especially grateful for mine! He my biggest blessing and is going to be the best frickin' daddy ever :)

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