Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bedding & Bibs

Not a lot going on lately, fatigue and my inability to sleep through the night has caught up! An old wive's tale states that if you're having a baby girl, she makes you drowsy. I think having a baby makes you drowsy :)

Anyway, my guilt caught up with me as well. Well not exactly guilt, but more of an itch - things that I wanted to make that were still not made!! So I smartly took on easy projects and knocked out a few, hehehe!!

I made a self binding blanket - white chenille paired with the purple chevron flannel that I found in the red-tag aisle. This was really quick. But I did learn that the chenille stretched a bit cross-wise so pin closely along that edge the next time.

Then there is this crib sheet, seersucker in hush tones, because bedding should not stimulate the child. Some more crib sheets and "half-sheets" are on my to-do.

And some bibs. or Baprons :)
I like that name - bapron!
You've seen all these fabrics before. I just can't throw away fabric - no matter how small the scrap. Its a sickness, really! So its not a bad thing that they come together quite well for small items like these -

The one thing I modified from the tute was that I used snaps instead of ties. Uses less tape, and won't tangle up in the dryer. To get an idea of how large the neck opening should be, I used the bib the nephew forgot to pack :)

I'd never used snaps before, so this was a learning experience. The pliers that I splurged on proved pretty useless - the two pieces never aligned and I wasted two sets! Then resorted to this method except I used an old empty spool and a mallet. Then it was easy, and I must say, I like snaps!! I got to get me some of those kam snaps every one talks so fondly of.

Those were my exploits over the last few weeks!
Now the hubs and I are counting down weeks. 2 weeks and the sister will be here, yayyy!! 2 weeks after that, my mum! yayy yayyy! And two weeks after that... yayy yayy yayy!! But as they say the EDD is the "expected" date, there is nothing certain about it!

Ohmigosh!! There's so much more I want to make before the baby gets here!... get to it girl!!

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