Thursday, June 13, 2013

One post for pillows... really!

One of my class mates in engineering school used to call me Golu - meaning round. That's because I have a round face, a round head, large round eyes and I used to wear round-ish spectacles. Now funny as this picture of me in the tenth grade may be, a lot of effort went into making sure that my head stayed round :)  My mum made a mustard seed pillow (most kids in India have one) and made sure that my round head rested only on that :) Mustard seeds are a poor man's beans (the ones that go in bean bags, no snickering!) they roll around and don't apply any pressure on the baby's head. So needless to say, my beanette gets one too. This is a ~7x10 inch flannel rectangle filled with mustard seeds, with a pretty cover on top!

And since one pillow isn't enough, here is another one, fiberfill stuffed. This is for later, when the soft skull bones are no longer at the risk of getting flattened.

That's my short & sweet post on baby pillows! 

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