Sunday, December 18, 2011

The X'mas Sunday Sew-a-thon!

Every Christmas, our Dallas office works with an outreach org, and adopts a family. Each group in the office is responsible for one member of the family. We all did our part and got presents for whoever we were responsible for. But on Thursday last week, we got an email from the organisation saying that there are still some teenage boys that nobody has 'adopted' this year. And we decided to do something about it :)
The boys mainly needed some PJs, socks, hats/etc. They also wanted some games and toys. Some people gave cash, a colleague will shop for the gifts tomorrow.
For my part, I got two sets of warm PJs, four hats and lots of socks! When it came to packing them, I almost went with paper, but realised that I could do better and put the clothing in something 'useful'.
Using some thick fabric that I got from IKEA, I made gift bags.

So a set of these -
Was packed away into -

Another one, and this got two velcro closures -

All four together!

I also wanted to get something for my friends in the office. Chocolate sounded like a good gifting option ;)  Picked out some Yumm!! varieties from Central Market - Dark chocolate with orange + Cognac cordials + Coffee cordials. Who wouldn't love those!
Wanted to make something like this -

and fill it up with bags of chocolate!
I made six of those. Details later this week, its almost eleven and its Monday tomorrow!

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