Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The sew-a-thon update...

Chocolate bags!!
Here is how I made them.
Start with a 14 by 6 inch rectangles. There isn't a size restriction here, so if you have 13 inches instead of 14, you'll be okay :) 

Fold it into half with the right sides together, so you get a 7 x 6 inch rectangle with three open sides. The only closed side is where you folded the fabric, this is to be the bottom of the bag. Crease this closed side well, we'll need the crease later.

Sew the longer (7 inch) open sides closed, and pink them so they are all cute!
Then, with the wrong side still out, 'open' one closed corner -

then fold it so that the crease at the bottom lines up with the stitch, like so -

Do this on both bottom corners, and pin them together so you have a structure like this -

Then about three quarters of an inch away from the folded corner, draw lines on both the corners -

and sew on them, reinforce well.

This will form a rectangular base to the bag, as compared to the corners sticking out when the bag is filled. Cut off the extra fabric from the corner so you have -

 Turn it the right side out and you can see -

The bag has a nice rectangular bottom :)

Next its time to sew the top and put in drawstrings. For that, flatten your stitches -

And with your dial on zig-zag, length zero, make a couple of stitches across the vertical stitch.

Am I still making sense??
(Basically, the vertical seam that you are seeing in the picture above is the 'vertical side' of the bag that you sewed shut. The drawstring of the bag will come out between the white stitching that you see, and the white stitch is what will prevent the vertical stitch from coming apart. Make those on both sides)

Then pink the only remaining, open edge - the top of the bag.
Then turn the bag right side out, and fold the top edge inside, upto the upper white stitch. And sew it closed -

Once done, carefully remove the stitches between the two white stitches. You will now have openings on either side of the bag.

Use a complimentary/contrasting ribbon for the drawstring. Make a couple more, fill em up with goodies and you are good!!

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