Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Amigurumi Debut

Amigurumi, or ami for short, is the Japanese art of making knit stuffed toys. I just finished my first ami last week. Its a blue elephant and there is some history as to how he came about.

About two years ago, I went to India to meet family. That's when my good friend and colleague Chad asked me to get him an elephant when I got back :)
That's Chad. He is awesome and a kid. He even told me he'd call the 'phant Bobo! Like that's even a name!

When I did get back, he wasn't too impressed when I walked into the building and there wasn't a grand grey pachyderm marching behind me. I told him the customs wouldn't let it through!! That story served me well for all this time, but of late the elephant conversations became so frequent that I felt like getting him one. I googled for crochet elephant patterns and found a million. I tried two patterns that I did not like. They were just not elephant-like.
Finally, when I found one that I liked I got right to it and made one for my dear friend Chad!!

I've told him that Bobo is not a name, and that he needs to pick a new name. Like Albert. Or Rupert. He can add Jr. or Sr. or "the third" to make him sound royal ;)

Without further ado, here is my yet-no-name ami for you -

He is super cute with his red eyes. I used Dawn's pattern from here and added the hat. I absolutely love the fact that she actually drew her on paper and then wrote out a pattern. Love.

Merry Christmas Chad!! I hope you like your 'phant!

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