Friday, October 7, 2011

In Remembrance...

Yesterday was mummyji’s first death anniversary. Time does fly, it has already been an year since she went home and met her maker. We miss you mummyji!

A lot happened in the last year -
Rinku didi's Aarush arrived in march. A very wanted child, he came with his challenges that both his parents very patiently met. 

But he is a fighter and is growing to be a healthy happy child. He has brought joy to the family and has given everyone something to look forward to. 

He just celebrated his first rakhi, and he’ll be celebrating his first birthday before we know it!

And with everyone's blessings we found a place we now call home. We’ve loved it and we’re learning to live in it.

Mummyji, I hope you look down on us with love, and bless us each day.
May God bless us all. We have one life. Lets live it well.

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