Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rug.. finally done!!

I came across the Alicia Doily Rug and wanted to make it in maroon for my half-bath downstairs. I ordered the yarn and one fine Saturday last October started making it while watching Airlift!

Initial enthusiasm gave way to fatigue resulting from tight crocheting holding two strands and using a smaller than usual hook size (don't need drape on a rug, so it's got to be tight!). So this got shelved for SO long! I found other things to make and kept putting this on the back burner - you know the one that is the farthest! :)

But the very nice bag that this unfinished rug sat in kept taunting me so I picked it up and finished it out of spite LOL!!

Here it is... my very beautiful doily rug. It is about 3 ft wide, and I LOVE it :)

You can see some scallops curling up, but that's because this photo was taken as soon as I finished it :) After blocking it lays nice and flat.

The pattern does not follow the traditional 12 stitch increases for DC, to account for the thickness of the two strands held together. But the 10 stitch increases are perfect.

For rounds where the stitch count increases, I used my own noodle to identify how I wanted to increase stitches - the written directions were difficult for me to follow. So I calculated the difference in the two stitch counts and evenly distributed that around my increase round.

Also, I skipped two rounds that came just before the large scallops - I'd had it, I didn't want to tight crochet anymore!! So again, I reviewed the scallop pattern to see what multiples I'd need, and winged it :)

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