Monday, February 4, 2013

Basket weave baby blanket

Even yarn has destiny, that is how this uber-soft lion brand homespun came to be a basket weave baby blanket.

First (in the days when I lacked crochet-ambition ;)) it started as a living room throw, a plain double crochet rectangle. That was unraveled and an attempt was made to have it become a basket weave living room throw. Less than halfway through, the dimensions seemed perfect for it to stop short and be a baby blanket :)

Here it is - a 45 x 30 inch basket weave blanket for my baby

This is a 4x4 basket weave (meaning 4 front and back post DC stitches each), so basically you begin with a multiple of 4 for the foundation chain. For row1 you turn, 2DC (counts as first DC), and a DC in each foundation chain stitch. Now the basket weave begins - 2DC, then 4 FPDC followed by 4 BPDC. (slightly modified version of the row by row instructions found here.)

The border is 5 rows of single crochet in back loops only - that is what creates the 5 lines instead of the regular SC weave.

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