Sunday, January 27, 2013

In preparation...

Well, first I over-thought it to death!!
What all will we need to buy?
How much/how many?
What brand?

A stroller  a car-seat and a crib/place to sleep are the standard items on any parent to be's list and I have Jatan's brain to pick on those. What was overwhelming me was the DIY list (receiving blankets/burp rags/onesies/whatnots) that all those blogs recommended.

So for starters, I closed the 18 browser tabs that I'd read umpteen times and went through my stash of remnants and my unfinished projects. Found a piece of cozy fleece that made two baby blankets, and a piece of quilted cotton (with the batting sewn right in) that made a play mat!!

I hadn't sewn seams on fleece before, and this one got all stretchy when I turned the edges. So I undid the straight stitch and used the overlock on my machine instead. That has some give and the thread won't snap when the fabric stretches. Then ten minutes it in the dryer on the refresh cycle straightened up the edges. I also bound the quilted cotton with some bias tape I'd made  before. Two projects down, hurrah for the remnant bin!

That was a good start and I'm not going to let those lists overwhelm me.

Next, I am going to complete the basket weave blanket I'd started eons ago - only now, its going to be baby sized ;)

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