Sunday, October 7, 2012

They made it home okay, and...

We were a little concerned about the flight duration - Aarush in one spot for sixteen hours was difficult to imagine. But he co-operated well :)
I told you he is a good boy!

But after they landed it took them some time to get their bags and get on a car to go home. But we are glad they had a safe flight back.

Last week went by fast, packing, driving, cleaning and not to forget, working. And before I knew it, the hub's birthday was here.

I knew what I was getting him this year, and my gift required him to go get all touchy-feely with those tablets at Best Buy, and that's how we spent our Sunday afternoon :)

(I still don't understand how those hordes justify the price they pay for Apple products. I am agnostic as far as brands in electronics go; and while I agree that those are some sweet products, I also feel that comparable products or better are available at competitive prices these days. About five years ago, I could have understood the monopoly, but today it does not make sense to me. Plus, having to make an appointment at the genius bar and then wait for an hour in the "lounge" does not qualify for great customer service.)

Back to the point, here is the birthday boy, hard at work configuring his tablet. He is so happy, as happy as Aarush with a car in his hand and a spray of water on his face :)

Happy Birthday Hon!!

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