Thursday, October 4, 2012

Frantic sewing

In the last couple of months, sewing has taken a back seat. To family. Before the nephew got here I made him some goodies and coz that wasn't enough I crammed in some late night sewing in his last week here.

Following Jess's bapron pattern I made him a bunch of these -

I made them with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch bias tape, I think the thinner tape looks better. The one above is 1/2 inch, and is crumpled from washing. I know that is bad photo etiquette but with 18 month olds you've got to click when you can - I had a pressed bapron in the 1/4 inch tape variety on him one night, but he was so cranky that none of those pics do justice to the happy boy that he is.

So, the bapron was a lukewarm success. That is because when he sits at the table with us, he wants to feed himself (won't open his mouth when we'd try to feed him) and in the process gets his hands dirty. So I thought of making him a bib with sleeves. Basically a backless raglan sleeve shirt. Here is half of it. Please, pretty please, ignore the fact that the elephant is upside down. That is result of late late night cutting. And Jatan points out - It'll be the right side up when Aarush looks at it ;)

Rinku didi liked how this came out. Now she does not have to change his shirt three times a day :)

The back -

A binky strap that I felt like making 'cuz Aarush is a chatty baby; and while he is pretty good at holding the 'tutoo' between his seven teeth while he talks, he sometimes does drop it while we're talking up a storm. And perfect as Dana's timing is, she posted this about ten days ago.

This was super easy to make, and I love that the binky matches the ribbon :)
Rinku didi was very happy to see this and had it hanging on her purse at the airport - no more fishing in the bag when Aarush asks for his tutoo.

I also made a diaper cover a matching pouch. The pouch is the right size to fit the cover and two diapers in it. I used this pattern, also from Dana, what would I do without her blog :)

I wanted to make a couple more of these, but Aarush likes wearing pants better.

I hope to begin spending some time at my sewing table, lets see how that comes about.

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