Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What we've been upto ...

Not fallen off the face of the earth, just busy having way too much fun!!

We celebrated pappaji's birthday at Sankalp over the labor day weekend. An evening full of pappaji's fave sambhar and dosas, made complete by the company of friends.

Then a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium was in order.

Aarush being a true water baby is super-happy around any form of water! Naturally, he did not want to move away from this spot -

Poor kiddo... sandwiched between his appi and maami who just would not let him be -

He finds me no matter where I'm pointing my camera at him from! And points me out -

And of-course, strollers are for pushing.

When the stroller won't move!

Amazement in the walk through tank. Large fish aplenty, going up and down -

While we were not doting on the little fella, we managed to see some fish-y eggs-

Met Gil from Nemo's tank at the dentist's -

And this yellow gal. Loved the yellow and white, this has got to be the little black dress of all sea parties -

And Mr. Flame himself! Posing for all of us who care to click -


Any-money!!! Aarush says that about thousand times a day, along with peep-peep, aatibadhi, bye and a multitude of other bi-syllabic words.

Sneaked in a picture of us. Don't know what's with the light, we're Saleem Sinais ourselves!!

Asking him to show us his teeth gets the cute-juices flowing, everytime -

Recently learnt antics -

Not so recently learnt taking a bite off appi -

Pushing the New York city bus on the ottoman -

And when not playing on the ottoman, he plays inside it!! Loves it when it goes round and round.

Can't believe how fast time is flying! This dude will be flying homeward in ten more days.

He knows evening is when I get home. So he walks (more like waddles) to the garage door and starts his chant - maami maami maami maami!

I'm so going to miss him! Got to cram as much fun in the remainder of his stay as possible!!

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