Sunday, August 19, 2012

New York in a Day

We were able to do the tourist thing for a day while we were in NJ for the wedding, and went to New York city. The trip began at the Morris Plains station, with this cutester we met on the train -

Penn station, a city in it self!! A city with TWO dunkin donuts within a thousand feet of each other!

On our way to the financial district

Where you can offload all your green in exchange for a wee bit of blue :)

He started it all, here -

The stock exchange on wall street

Across from the charging bull.

Jatan managed to squeeze his way to the bull, amidst about a thousand people with cameras. The brown bag contains a lucky penny in a glass jar, and a red New York transit bus for the nephew :)

Grabbed a bite to eat, Italian all the way - pizza with pasta toppings! We split a large slice, because there was a lot of walking to do -

From the 86th floor observatory of the Empire State Building, a view of the concrete jungle that is New York City -

And the Chrysler building, that at one point in time was competing with the ESB to be the tallest.

Times square-

Jatan's turn on getting himself caricature-ized

One full day of navigating through a high-tide of people, in the city that never sleeps! Later, we got a bunch of chocolates from Hershey world, and dashed back to Penn station to head back home.

Woo hooo NY!!

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