Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surprises Galore!!

This year my birthday festivities were spread out over 3 weeks! I got early presents, then our dear nephew arrived and he is such a joy!

Then my family threw me a surprise birthday party. Love you guys, you both totally rock! Even when you aren't planning parties. ;)

We had so much fun finishing up all that food!!!
On the menu was a paneer entree, naan & chaat from Masala Wok. A YUMM black bean salad, pulaav & raita that the best sister ever made. My cake this year was Tiramisu!! Not 'Tiramisu cake', but real Tiramisu!! And yeah, Gulaab Jaamun for dessert :)

Does that say anything about the fact that we love food! And that sweet tooth?

The rest of the evening was lots of chatting, taboo, jenga and poker!

Two days later, this is what I came to work to -

Inside was -

And here is a peek inside after ten minutes -

All I can say after that cake is "Thank you Lisa!!" And that carrot cake + coffee rocks! For breakfast.  ;)

On the day of my birthday, we went shopping for Rakhi presents for my sisters in law - you know you're grown up when you shop for presents on your birthday and they're not for you. And you don't even pout about it.

The next day we caught the late show of The Dark Knight Rises. Loved loved loved the movie. The Nolan camp rocks!!

So, here is to completing three decades around the Sun!!

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