Saturday, January 7, 2012

My new crochet(ed) bag

While working on a crochet project, I need with me -
- the yarn
- the crochet hook
- the pattern
- a pair of scissors
- some stitch markers

Now I could carry them individually like I used to. You know, one at a time :)
But having one container to tote 'em all together would be convenient. Not to mention I'd not end up misplacing my things!

Till the last weekend it used to be an empty 'dosa batter' container ;)
Served the purpose, but I wanted something cuter. So I made myself this bag to carry my things along :)

This comfortably fits my little box of crochet hooks -

One spool of yarn, and a pair of scissors. I don't want it to snip a stitch in the bag so I've put it in a tupperware cup. And till another more color coordinated cup comes along, this'll have to do.

Right now I don't have stitch markers, and am using some safety pins ;)

The blue yarn you see is the same I used to make my first amigurumi elephant (btw, Bobo it is :)) I am making another one of the same color for a friend's daughter. Apparently posting a picture on facebook will get you a bunch of 'will you make me one?' messages :) And I'm happy to!!

I am using my new clover hook for this one, and so far I am absolutely loving it!

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