Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wrist bands

Noticing that zits started making a regular appearance ever since we've been regularly going to the gym, the sister made an excellent point. The machines at the gym, used by everybody, are petri dishes. Eek! We hang our napkin on the handle when we work out, then use that very napkin to wipe the sweat off our faces! Eeeew!

So her solution? Wristbands! She is quite simply the genius :))

Now we could've just bought a bunch, but that's just not how I roll ;))
I made one for us all. Back from the gym, just toss them in the washer and you're good!
Just had to make sure we all had a couple of bands each to last the week.

Here is how it made them -

Measured around the wrist, added two inches for velcro and seams. (The picture below is for two wristbands) -

Fold the strip into half and sew around it. Leave a small opening to turn it out.

 Once turned out, top stitch the border and close the opening. Attach velcro to both ends

And there you have it!!

Easy. Clean. Convenient.
Now go make five more!

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