Thursday, September 29, 2011

My first post ever!

Alright world wide web, I'm here! And I am excited!

This is my attempt to keep a log of my ‘creations’. First there was a notebook, then a power point document. But technology has its limits and I feel I have more to say than a ppt can handle :)

As a kid I used to sew clothes for my dolls -  mum used to cut those for me and I used to sew them – the old needle & thread way. When she sewed, I felt privileged turning the handle (back then we didn’t have a motor, I was fast, mind you!) and watch her create things out of two dimensional fabrics. As I grew  up, she let me use her singer machine, and by then we'd attached a motor to our machine as well. And our Barbies’  (we had a couple of those) wardrobe expanded. But once we stopped playing with dolls, the sewing stopped too.

Growing up I was also my dad’s little helper handing him tools while he tuned his Super or made a wooden cabinet or fixed the fan or soldered. My dad knows everything, and no, I am not kidding!!! Watching him work programmed me with the right way to  do things - hold and use a tool  - what not to do, what precautions to take.

Recently I thought of buying a sewing machine (every girl should have one, right?). My first machine was a Simple Singer, I bought it at the Walmart (I did not know Ms Joann back then). It sat untouched for months before I started using it at all. But once I started, I absolutely loved sewing on it!

The very first things I made were grocery bags - we always had these back home (in India) and I felt bad bringing home all those plastic bags. Now, recycling is a good thing, but why not reduce the use in the first place if you can!

So, grocery bags - simple. Only straight lines :D
Sound good??

And now when we go to Central Market, we proudly tote 'em along!

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