Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fingerless Mitts

I made me some fingerless mitts to wear while I work on my computer. 
Soon enough, those were highjacked by my 3yo. So I made a pair for her :)

Her size:
23 FDC, join.
R2-8: one DC in each stitch.
R9: DC upto where you want the thumb hole to be. CH5, skip 4 stitches and DC rest of the way.
R10: DC in each DC, 4DC in the CH4 space.
Finishing - made picots (so she knows what end to insert her hands from) CH3-slip stitch in the first chain and that creates the picot. Slip stitch into the next 3 DCs and create the next picot, so the picots are 3 DC apart.

My size:
(Hook size I, Yellow Bernat yarn)
24 FDC, join to make a circle.
Rounds 2-4: FPDC-BPDC to make the ribbing
Round 5: one HDC in each DC
Round 6: HDC in each HDC, through the "3rd" loop, so that the chain made by the 1st & 2nd loop is visible on the top of the fabric.
R7-9: 1 DC in each stitch
R10-12: DC in each DC, but increase 2 DC in each ros, evenly distributed across the row. (I needed some give to my mitts since I type a lot with these on. Try them on and see how it fits - you may like them snugger, or your hands may be narrower than mine :))
R13: DC upto where you want the thumb hole to be. Thumb hole is CH7, skip 6 stitches, and then DC the rest of the way.
R14-15: one DC in each DC, 6DC in the CH6 space. Decrease 2 stitches in each row.
Finishing: I made shells using skip one-5DC in next-skip next-slip stitch in next.
It may happen that the number of stitches you have may not be a multiple of 4, in that case, just leave the 1/2/3 extra stitches flat (mine are on the palm side).

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