Monday, July 1, 2013

My babe is here!

... and we're totally in love with her. Days revolve around her and are going way too fast!
We ogle at her and take pictures all day! Blog posts have been few and far between and that may be the trend going forward, for some time. So I am going to overload this post with way too many pictures of things I made in preparation for her arrival and the (anticipated) crazy picture taking.

Most patterns are from Ravelry, the first one is the shell stitch beanie -

Newborn Crown -

Long tailed elf hat -

And my mom made a hat and an awesome cocoon. I even got my doll to model it for you -

The hat was knitted, no written pattern, she just works things up as she goes. The flower is the same pattern as was used in the shell stitch beanie.

Crocheted cocoon and hat, in pumpkin color. I knew I wanted this color for my baby's cocoon the moment I laid eyes on it at Joann's. Again, both cocoon and hat - no pattern, just my mom doing her thing :)

This mobile was also in the making, made mostly in the car on short trips to the grocery store/doctor's visits/ etc. Pattern from the red heart website, simple instructions, work up quickly. I used two wooden dowels (had these from Walmart, 16 for a buck or so) instead of the ring as the pattern calls for. And tied a jingly-jingle-bell at the bottom of each.

That's all folks (cue: the looney tunes)! This may be my last post for some time to come. The next'll happen when it happens :)
Till then, take care!

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