Tuesday, March 5, 2013


You need something, you google it, and voila!
The blog-land has had generations of smart & thrifty citizens inhabit it before I was born into it, so I always find what I'm looking for.

This time around, I wanted to make myself a nursing pillow, and found one of the clearest set of instructions here. When I downloaded the pattern, I felt there's no way this pillow is going to fit around my waist after I've delivered (now, I don't speak from experience, but I've read plenty of real momma posts that say that I'm going to have the girth of five months along for about a month after I've delivered). So I knew I had to re-size the pattern.

Given that the Boppy is basically a blown up travel pillow, I knew it wouldn't be rocket science and went about trying it out.

I started with the downloaded pattern for reference, and made changes. You can see that the drawing on the right allows a bigger waist to fit in :)

I also added two inches to the center of the "C" where the baby will rest - only faintly visible in the picture above.

For the pillow form fabric I debated between white quilting cotton and thick IKEA cotton from my stash, and settled on the IKEA fabric because it is almost as thick and sturdy as denim so would make for a stable pillow form.

Sewing it was simple - cut two pieces on the fold, pin 'em right sides together and sew them with a 1/2 inch seam, leaving a 6-7 inch opening to turn it out and stuff.

Stuffing it firmly took about 25oz of fiberfill. I left my opening on the side (not on top as instructed in the video) because the center of the pillow is where the baby rests, so it should be the firmest part. And I felt that I could not have stuffed it as firmly if that's where the opening would have been.

I like that the pillow does not look naked without a slip cover on it, but I do plan to make two slip covers, I am thinking flannel. With all the to-dos on my list, lets see when I get to it :)

In the mean time, the fabric cut out of the "C" is begging to be made into a zippered pouch. I mean, it is the perfect size!! I'm going to get straight to it!

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