Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hindi Movies, before "Bollywood" and my extended vaca

How many times have you done something that you could only explain with a "just felt like doing it!!" ?

Some time back I was home alone (it was a Wednesday , the husband had to work late and the sister was traveling for work. I was working on a random craft project and The Big Bang Theory was on. And then some other sitcom started - the fact that I don't even remember what it was goes to show that I didn't care for it. So I turned to Netflix.

Browsing categories brought me to a bunch of old Hindi movies, and there was Chandni. And this was one of my "just felt like it" moments - I clicked play! And did I love watching it?!

Old times. That was some good movie making. This was when it was okay for the hero to be chubby :)  a movie was not a showcase for multiple sets of six-packs and the heroine was fully clad. There were values, joint families, song & dance around trees, and corny romantic lines that made you go "awww!".

Since that Wednesday, I've managed to watch the following -
- Chandni
- Mukaddar ka sikandar
- Mausam (...उठाए फिरते  थे एहसान दिल का सीने पर... love!!)
- Aaina
- Kabhi kabhi (or Kabhie kabhie, if you prefer that)
- Chupke chupke (for the n-th time)
- Chhoti si baat (also for the umpteenth time)
- Suhaag

And the more recent Talaash, Oh My God!, Dabangg and a few others here and there.

Bollywood today is so different - item numbers, explosions glitter and glam! A new actor born everyday, their success only ephemeral. Cricket teams, ego clashes and whatnot! Still entertaining, but totally different.

And now for the second half of my post title - my end of year vacation this year got extended because of health issues. I am not complaining, definitely love the fact that I can read and watch as much TV as I wish. But now I think it is time I got back to work. And now I'm well enough to do so too.

Oh, and because I know it's going to be another long pause before my next post, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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