Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last weekend...

...we took a road trip to San Antonio via Austin!

The weather in Austin was perfection. And this little dude was just in the mood to take a walk.

Planning to run off into the street -

But decides against it.

And goes back inside walking his little man walk :)

We visited wonder-world and fed some deer. Then Aarush insisted that maama put on his hard hat

Neel was camera shy that day -

We move on, then. To the San Antonio river walk.

And then we ogled at the lights in the mall before we headed over to La Margarita for dinner.

Since we've been back home, pappaji and Aarush have been under the weather. So we've postponed their return flight by ten days. I'd say Thursday was the worst for both of them, but now they're starting to get better. Hope they're in good shape by travel day!!

While I am not very happy about the reason he's staying, here's to ten more days with the cutest nephew ever!!

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