Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stash update, et al.

I ordered myself these -

Actually I'd been eyeing them for a while now, on Amazon. But did not want to pay for shipping :)
So when the husband announced that he is ordering some humidifier paraphernalia from Amazon, I piggybacked ;) Now I have real stitch markers.

Also, keeping in mind the little scraps of yarn I was leaving a trail of, I made this -

Its a cup holder, if you will, attached to my crochet bag that is just big enough to fit a small disposable cup in it, like so -

And on the inside, I tied up the row counter (also piggy backed with the said amazon order! Sneaky!!!)

See the stitch markers conveniently parked on the bag?
I must say, I am extremely pleased with my crochet bag :)

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