Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gym Goodies!

Recently, we've started playing squash quite frequently - its a racquetball court at the gym, but who cares! All you need is a closed room to hit a ball and have a ball :D

When we started going to the gym, I did not want to spend on 'gear' - who knows how long I'll go before I give up. But now I have so much fun (boy, those endorphins aren't just theory) that I've started to understand the addiction. Gudia says - "Now I understand why people would go running when it is forty freezing degrees outside."

Now that I know we'll be regular, I made another caddy, for the sista!

Its cute and purple, and has a matching label on it :)

And got me this bag from Ikea as a treat -

I almost got one with white straps, but Thank you! Gudia for talking me into this one. I love it.
And it was only five bucks!

Since it doesn't have a bunch of pockets, everything pretty much ends up in a pile. I have absolutely no problem with that, except when it comes to my hair-dryer. The cord gets tangled up and that just damages the wire inside.
So I made a simple matching bag for the hairdryer -

And everybody got their own sweat band! Just sewed up two layers and attached velcro for closure.

Since these go with the laundry, I got to make more of these so that there are enough to last all week :)

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