Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hand made things are as dear as store-bought. So why should they not have a label of their own? 

I wanted to get labels for things I sew, so I researched various types of labels - woven, printed, embroidered. And here is what I found -
Woven labels - in my opinion these are expensive for somebody who is just starting to sew, and you have to order in bulk. Not for me.
Printed - Some of them fray, and most of them fade with use. Nah!

Then, just like that, while browsing Etsy this past March, I found Diana of ‘Two Stars Embroidery’, who made embroidered labels!! And these were affordable!!  

I'd already been thinking what name I should have embroidered, and decided on Lovely!  (Of course!)

I made two jpgs of how I wanted them done -
Diana made samples and sent me pictures.

And once I gave her the okay, she made me one sheet each of the above, cut ‘em up and shipped them.
I love how they turned out! These have a satin stitch around the border, so they won't fray. They’re made of cloth and good quality thread, so won’t ‘fade’. 
And attaching them is super-easy - just stitch along the inside of the border!

Lovely, innit?!

Edited: I later made some printed labels, the ones that can be sewn into a seam.

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