Project Queue

More bibs
Growth chart
Boxy Pouch
Try a skort for Aaru
Tanks for me and the sis
Curtains - Study, Master, Kitchen & East bedroom.
Shelving in the Study
Camera strap cover
Yoga mat strap
PNS Camera cover
Fix my jeans
hoodie - sweater (white speckled yarn) for aaru.

Update to blog:
- camera strap
- camera cover
- aaru PJs
- aaru frock (flannel)
- car seat cover
- growth chart
- study shelves
- crib bumpers
- Jatan's NEW gym caddy
- aaru's sweater-frock.
- chalkboard
- fabric cover for kleenex boxes
- seat belt cover for Gullu
- rigging the kitchen trashcan! :)
- green cleaning et al.
- gullu's crochet hat

Seam on the white gauze swaddler
Seams on the flannels
Bind the playmat
Boppy pillow
Boppy slipcovers (same pattern as above, 1/4 inch seams instead of 1/2 inch seams used for the pillow).
Nest for the rescue and rehab center.
Baby gifts to ship (1 fleece blanket + kimono + frock + zippered pouch for diapers)
Fix pillowcases in the master bedroom to fit the pillows.
Top for Gullu
Seam the fleece blankets
Complete the ripple blanket.
Bibs (Jess's bapron)
Flannel blankets (self binding ones)
Heart Mobile
Butterfly/flowers mobile
Crib sheet
A baby sling (Jan Andrea's blog).

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